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About My Services

What are your most common routes?
I specialise in Costa Rica transfers for any journey involving either San Jose or Manuel Antonio. My most common routes are San Jose to Arenal and San Jose to Manuel Antonio. But just contact me for anything else!
How many people can you take?
I have 2 shuttles, each of which can hold up to 11 people. There is plenty of  room for your luggage too.
Will we share the ride with others?
No, all my transfers are completely private bookings. Completely door-to-door, with no waiting around for others or multiple stops.
Are you responsible and reliable?
I am a family man with 2 kids and value responsibility, reliability and safety above all else. The same can’t be said for many others!
What are your vehicles like?
I have 2 very new shuttle buses. They are in great shape, comfortable  and with full AC. There is also an onboard DVD player
Do you speak English?
I speak some English – its not perfect, but I am trying to improve every day,and I  know everything I need to get you to and from your destination and make arrangements.
Do you have equipment for children?
Yes, I can supply booster seats and child car seats.
Do you do all the transfers yourself?
Thankfully my business is growing and I have had to hire one other driver. I always make sure those who work for me are as reliable and responsible as myself.
Where do you do transfers to?
I am based out of Manuel Antonio / Quepos, and can do transfers between here and anywhere else in the country. I can also take you anywhere from San Jose, even if it doesn’t involve Manuel Antonio
Who are you Harvy?
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